Professional Duo Queue Boosting Service

The first boosting service in accordance with rules of the game.

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Play and Learn

Get valuable tips from booster, which you can use in future games while playing Solo Queue.

Members Area

After payment you will get access to Members Area, where you will find many options and tools.


While playing duo queue you do not have to provide your passwords and you are guaranteed that your account will never get banned.

Progress Tracking

Your progress, so every game played with booster will be saved in our system, so you can analyse it later.


Our boosters never miss choosen terms.
If they cannot play, they find replacement.


Thanks to three different packages everyone will find something for themselves.

  • I am really impressed. They did very well in each game I purchased. Definitely recommend!.

    Thomas K - 9 games at Silver III
  • Good. They are almost always on-time. Won 4/5.

    Jacob H - 5 games at Gold V
  • The best duo partner I have ever had. Really nice.

    John P - 13 guaranteed wins at Gold II


Duo Queue Boosting

Enter your Summoner name and number of games you want to purchase to get pricing.



0 games

  • Duo Queue Boost
  • Voice Communication In-Game
  • Games Analysis
  • Professional Coaching


0 games

  • Duo Queue Boost
  • Voice Communication In-Game
  • Games Analysis
  • Professional Coaching


0 games

  • Duo Queue Boost
  • Voice Communication In-Game
  • Games Analysis
  • Professional Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Will booster have his own account to play with me on?

Absolutely yes! Additionaly booster will choose account with the closest league to yours.

Can my game account get suspended?

No! You play DUO on your account with experienced player, that will help you win games you purchased.

Can I set specific hours, when I want to play DUOs?

Of course, you can. After getting a booster, you can determine meeting dates with him. If you cannot find any, then you will get another booster.

What is difference between 'games' and 'guaranteed wins'?

If you purchased "games", booster will play with you only number of games you have selected, irrespective of the result. If you purchased "guaranteed wins", every lose means one additional game for you. If your score is 6 wins and 3 losses, out of 10 games purchased, we will have to play 7 wins more..

What are differences between various packages?

Extended Package allows Voice Chat with our booster during DUO games. Premium Package offers 1 coaching hour free and analysis of games you have played and also consultation with booster on Skype Voice Chat in case of additional questions.

I have second account, can your booster play on it?

Of course, he can. If you have an account with close rating, that you want to share with our player for DUO's time, there is no problem at all.

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